FHIR Endpoints

FHIR R4 endpoint at https://subscriptions.argo.run/fhir/r4

This endpoint uses FHIR R4 and Subscriptions via the Subscriptions Backport IG

FHIR Contents: FHIR resources in this tenant

Local Subscriptions: outgoing Subscription notifications from this server

Received Notifications: incoming notifications received by this server

The endpoint contains some immutable records for testing:

Patient/example: An example patient, loaded from the FHIR examples.

Basic/encounter-complete: An example topic as a Basic resource, using cross-version extensions (equivalent to the R4B and R5 encounter-complete topics). The topic triggers when an encounter is either created with a status of finished or updated from any other status to finished.

If you are getting started with topic-based subscriptions, there is a deatiled tour available here.

The endpoint also exposes a system-level operation, $subscription-hook which can be used as a notification endpoint for FHIR R4 notifications (e.g., if you are developing a server that sends notifications, you can point it here). Any received notification bundles are stored as resources locally, and the notifications will appear on the Received Notifications page.

Note that the server will NOT send notifications to addresses rooted in example.org. For example, a REST-Hook pointing at http://example.org/endpoints/test will trigger the notifications and be visible on the Local Subscriptions page, but not actually attempt to send the notification to the endpoint.

Useful Links
Description Link
GitHub Repository for this software github.com
FHIR R5 Subscriptions Framework hl7.org
FHIR R4/R4B Subscriptions Backport IG hl7.org
FHIR R4B Specification hl7.org
FHIR R4 Specification hl7.org
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